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Dolphin Single Business Line -VOIP Only $19.95/mo.
Dolphin Economic Stimulus Business Plan - ADSL Internet & VOIP Bundled- Only $59.95/mo.

BUSINESS ADVANTAGE PLANS - ADSL Internet and Phone Bundled
Direct Business Advantage Plan - $82.95/mo.
Extended Business Advantage Plan - $94.95/mo.

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Please note that ADSL services are not available in all areas or on all lines due to technical network constraints. There may be special hardware installation required at additional cost in some residences. Please allow a minimum 6 business days for the provisioning of your service. If paying by credit card or bank debit, your card will be auto-debited each month for the subsequent month's access. There is NO CHARGE if we cannot provision ADSL on your line.

Once an order has been confirmed, it can only be cancelled within 24 hours. Once provisioning and activation is complete the account becomes active immediately and billing commences immediately. Due to technical reasons this cannot be delayed.

Prices indicated for the various plans do not included applicable taxes, tariffs, $25.00 set-up fee, or the $4.95 per month network access fee. All prices as well as other aspects of our services are subject to change without notice.

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